The Prison Rape Elimination Act was signed into Federal Law in 2003. PREA is a set of federal standards that were created to identify and eliminate sexual abuse in prisons and in community corrections. Pharos House has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse between residents, staff, volunteers, and contractors. Pharos House works to stay in compliance with all PREA standards. The Pharos House PREA policy addresses all of the PREA requirements. All staff at Pharos House have been trained in PREA policies and procedures and know what to do in the event of a sexual harassment or abuse incident.

Anyone can report a case of sexual abuse or harassment, including a resident, staff person, family member, or friend. All reports will be investigated and will be kept confidential.

In any PREA situations, Pharos House will be involved in advocating for the victim and assisting with emotional support as well as offering options to obtain additional services in the community. PREA investigations involving any potential criminal offenses will be conducted by the Portland Police Department.

To contact the PREA coordinator at Pharos House, please email:

Download the form for a resident or staff person to report a case of sexual abuse.

Residents may also call the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine hotline – 1-800-871-7741 or they may call 911 to reach an emergency line for Portland Police Department.

Download the form to report a case of sexual abuse or sexual harassment as a 3rd party.

Download the complete Pharos House 2021 PREA policy.

View the annual PREA Compliance Report (2022) for Pharos House.

View the annual PREA Compliance Report (2021) for Pharos House.

View the 2022 PREA Statistics for Pharos House.

View the 2021 PREA Statistics for Pharos House.

View the 2020 PREA Statistics for Pharos House.

View the most current PREA Audit Report for Pharos House.

Learn more about PREA at the national PREA Resource Center.

Contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons.