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Pharos House is a nonprofit halfway house designed to assist citizens from Maine who have been convicted of federal offenses. Pharos House has been operating in Portland, Maine for over 40 years, providing a safe environment for individuals to complete the last 6-9 months of their sentence. The number one goal at the house is safety and security for both the residents and the community. All of our residents are referred to us by the Federal Bureau of Prisons or U.S. Probation. The program can accommodate up to 20 males and females providing residents with safe housing and good food as well as guidance and support as they move forward.

Pharos House residents are encouraged to: seek and maintain full-time employment, learn financial responsibility, and re-establish family and community ties. Residents are closely supervised through monitoring and a structured program of activities which include job searches, substance abuse treatment, counseling and interactive group sessions. Residents are required to pay 25% of gross earnings toward subsistence, sign in and out for approved locations, attend substance abuse counseling sessions, and submit to random drug and alcohol testing. They may also participate in mental health counseling and job readiness programs. In addition, there are on- going opportunities to learn and practice new living skills, volunteer in the community, and become reacquainted with today’s society.
Case managers work with all residents in reducing the barriers to successful reentry.
The staff at Pharos House work together as a team dedicated to operating a safe house and reduce recidivism in the community by increasing the success rates for individuals reentering the community from prison.

Prison Rape Elimination Act Information (PREA)

The Prison Rape Elimination Act was signed into Federal Law in 2003. PREA is a set of federal standards that were created to identify and eliminate sexual abuse in prisons and in community corrections. Pharos House has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse between residents, staff, volunteers, and contractors. Pharos House works to stay in compliance with all PREA standards. The Pharos House PREA policy addresses all of the PREA requirements. All staff at Pharos House have been trained in PREA policies and procedures and know what to do in the event of a sexual harassment or abuse incident.

Anyone can report a case of sexual abuse or harassment, including a resident, staff person, family member, or friend. All reports will be investigated and will be kept confidential.

To contact the PREA coordinator at Pharos House, please email: emccormick@pharoshouse.org

Click here to access the form for a resident or staff person to report a case of sexual abuse.

Residents may also call the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine hotline;
1-800-313-9900 or they may call 911 to reach an emergency line for Portland Police Department.

Click here to access the form if you would like to report a case of sexual abuse or sexual harassment as a 3rd party.

Click here to access the complete Pharos House PREA policy.

Click here to view the most current PREA ANNUAL REPORT for Pharos House.

Click here to view the most current PREA COMPLIANCE REPORT for Pharos House.

Click here to view the most current PREA Audit report for Pharos House.

To learn more about PREA go to the national PREA RESOURCE CENTER at: http://prearesourcecenter.org

To contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons, please go to http://www.BOP.gov

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